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About Us
Organizational Announcement!

Access Automation Inc. joins Industrial Drives Design in Southern California.

Moorpark, CA February 8, 2016 Industrial Drives Design is pleased to announce that Access Automation Inc. and Industrial Drives Design have merged. Access Automation Inc. a San Diego, CA based rep firm has joined forces with Moorpark, CA based Industrial Drives Design. The merging of these two manufacturer?s representative firms creates a single company serving the Southern California, Arizona and Nevada markets. The combined company will maintain the Industrial Drives Design name. We are excited to bring these two firms together offering over 60+ years of experience in sales and application development to the motion control and machine automation market place.

About Industrial Drives Design: Industrial Drives Design is a California corporation, founded in 1984 by Pierce Verleur and Jolanda Harvill. It has operated successfully as a manufacturer's representative firm since then in the industrial control marketplace.

The firm specializes in OEM sales of motion control and machine automation solutions. It has always taken a technical approach to the sales task. As the market place in California and Arizona became more competitive, IDD was well suited to achieve differentiation for its products by being able to provide more than component information to the OEM customer. Integrated solutions for specific applications add value to the components sold to the OEM customer. IDD sales engineers are capable of providing this valuable service to the OEM engineering department.

About Access Automation: Established in 2002, Access Automation has been offering products and services to OEM?s in the capital equipment-manufacturing sector. The company is located in Southern California in North County San Diego focusing on the California, Arizona and Nevada markets.

Access Automation was created to bring best of breed products and capabilities to machine designers and developing relationships with OEM?s derived from a consultative and manufacturing partnership approach.

Jolanda Harvill - Customer Service

Ms. Harvill has a Master's degree in Marketing from the University of Amsterdam. She co-founded two companies with Pierce Verleur, IDD in 1984 and Rosa Automation Engineering in 1990. Rosa was merged with EMS in 1995 and ultimately acquired by Magnetek in 1999.

Between 1995 and 1999, Ms. Harvill was Operations Manager for the West Coast division of EMS, one of IDDs principals. With the acquisition of EMS by Magnetek in 1999, Ms. Harvill has returned to IDD to assume Operations and Customer Service Management. She brings 15 years of experience in customer satisfaction back with her.
Pierce Verleur - Sales Engineer

Mr. Verleur received a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and an MBA. He began his career as a staff engineer for Carpenter Steel Corp. He co-founded two companies with Jolanda Harvill, IDD in 1984 and Rosa Automation Engineering in 1990. Rosa was merged with EMS in 1995 and ultimately acquired by Magnetek in 1999. Pierce held the position of Western Regional Manager for EMS from 1995 ? 1999.

Mr. Verleur's experience with AC and DC drives began in 1980. He has worked extensively with motor and motion control since then, developing several new products as well as new solutions to traditional motor control applications. Mr. Verleur is now concentrating his experience in the role of Outside Sales Engineer for IDD.
Eric Hodges - Sales Engineer

Mr. Hodges holds a degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and has 27 years of experience in factory automation, working in both distribution and direct manufacturing roles. He began in Distribution holding positions in applications engineering, designing and applying products and systems, advancing into sales and sales management. He transitioned into manufacturing working as a sales engineer covering large direct OEM accounts and managing a distribution and factory representative channels. Advancing into a Regional Manager position, he was responsible for developing a team of direct sales engineers.

In 2001 as the result of an acquisition, he relocated to the California market to integrate the sales force, rep and distribution channels of five motion control companies. During his career he has developed the knowledge necessary to market products and services that range from Multi-axis motion controllers, PLC?s, motor & drive systems, various sensor products, feedback devices, mechanical stages, actuators, gearing and high-level assemblies. In addition to his product sales capability the knowledge of channel development and creating strategic plans to penetrate OEM's has been a key focus.

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